Unique Triple-Active



DermaSense is an innovative hand-held device designed for treating the areas of the face, neck, cleavage and back of the hand. It offers a unique triple-active Mesotherapy device with a micro-needling head, a removable cooling head and a serum complex.

The water drop

you so much need


LipSense – Lips moisturizer to keep your lips moist after surgery. Safe and easy to use, keeps mouth free with an irrigation dripper and provides patients with more postoperative independence.

It makes perfect sense when

you lose that sense of pain!


E-CoolSense - A local anesthetic device that anesthetizes the site of injections by a Cryo system within 3-5 seconds with no chemicals and no after effects.

To keep your lips moist

during mechanical ventilation


TUBUSSense TS – Intubation is an invasive procedure that causes dehydration of the patient’s mouth and lips. This dehydration requires immediate and continuous wetting action to alleviate the patient’s suffering.

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CoolSense Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of the M.D Medical Group.
The Company is responsible for R&D processes and relies on outsourced manufacturing operations. CoolSense Medical has been marketing its innovative

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CoolSense Medical considers its foreign official distributors as its representatives for disseminating its vision and at the same time as enjoying its innovative products, while providing  an extremely high level of service to its clients.

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