It makes perfect sense when

you lose that sense of pain!


E-CoolSense is a local anesthetic device, the product of extensive R&D resulting in
a revolutionary, though simple, hand-held device that anesthetizes the site of injections by a Cryo system with no chemicals and no after effects.
When stored in a freezer compartment, the device is immediately ready for use. It numbs the site of injection within 3-5 seconds.
The applicator's head is temperature-controlled by an electronic component.
CoolSense provides pain relief and prevents the skin from being harmed and burned during the injection.

The E-CoolSense's head unit includes a disinfection mechanism, containing an alcoholic gel. the gel is spread over the applicator's metal surface, serving as an additional protection against a skin cold-burn.

E-CoolSense can be used repeatedly as long as it is restored in a freezer.
E-CoolSense is suitable for babies, children, adults and the elderly.
For painless injection procedures in Clinics, Hospitals and at Home!
CoolSense has been satisfactorily in use by doctors and individuals all over the world since 2009.
CoolSense is CE and FDA approved.

To ensure appropriate sanitary conditions when using the CoolSense and complement the user's experience, CoolSense Medical offers the SteriSense, a triple-head sterilizer for concurrent disinfection of three CoolSense heads.

Standard & Certifications




E-CoolSense – User Manual

The E-CoolSense device you have purchased is a local anesthetic based on cooling a spot on the body, which is designed to be injected or punctured.


  • Do not disassemble the metal pin from its affixed container or empty the coolant from the
  • container.Do not use the device for any purpose other than the prevention of the puncture pain.
  • The device is designed to be used for adults or children, and babies under the supervision of adults.
  • Do not use an improper device that some of its parts are disassembled, or of which the cell’s fluid
  • of the metal pin is empty.
  • Do not put the device close to a fire source.
    1.  When taking the device out of its packaging, please ensure its integrity and that there is no fracture of any sort.
    2.  You have to turn the device lid (the green lid) counterclockwise and pull out temporarily the sponge located at the lid’s bottom.
    3.  Please pull out from the lid’s bottom the silver-plated safety latch, which protects the disinfectant gel’s outlet (see Illustration N0. 1) and put back the sponge to its original place.
    1. Please enter the anesthetic in its entirety (at the first time), including the lid, without the packaging, to a home freezer for two hours (at least) before use. There is no prevention from leaving the device in the freezer for a longer period, or otherwise, at room temperature when not in use.
    2. When taking out the device from the freezer for use, press gently on.
      the anesthetic lid’s center (green), in order to compress the disinfectant gel into the sponge underneath, and from it to the metal head. Then remove with a rotational movement the anesthetic lid and put it aside. Make sure that the device’s aluminum head is covered (at the contact area with the body) with the alcoholic gel resulting from the above described action.
    3. Press the button at the front of the device (see Illustration No. 2).
      If a red light appears, the device has not reached yet the target temperature. Return the device to the freezer for further cooling. The red light will be  operated 30 seconds only.If the blue light appears, the device is too cold, please wait until the green color appears. The blue light will blink until it gets warm and change to green.If a green light appears, you can use the device for about 8 minutes, as many times as required until the red color appears. The green light will be operated for 2 minutes by every press on led button.
    4. When the green light is on, check as said that the aluminum pin is covered with the alcoholic gel and press the pin’s head surface to the designated puncturing point on the body for about 3 seconds. Place the anesthetic on the surface in front of you, and execute within 5 seconds the desired puncture or injection.
      The green light may flash and not be lit continuously in order to save the battery’s life.
    5. Please return the anesthetic to the freezer, for at least 25 minutes before using it for the next cycle.
    6. When the container with the disinfectant gel is empty, it has to be replaced by a new container purchased from the local distributor.

Important! While running the several E-Coolsense devices at the clinic, it’s highly recommended to soak the devices in the SteriSense (triple-head sterilizer) for better and safety disinfection operation (please ask your agent about the product).

  1. When the anesthetic’s battery is empty, the temperature control light stops responding. A new anesthetic has to be purchased from the local distributor.

To illustrate the use of the anesthetic device, you can run the demo video on the following site:

Important! Warranty on parts of the device and its operation (except for battery life, which depends on the number of operations) is for one year, provided that no fracture has been caused or any part was replaced not by a CoolSense representative.

CoolSense Tip

CoolSense Tip – A reserve cartridge with Alcoholic Gel , made as consumable unit to be replaced once it gets empty. Contents a special mecahnism to drop the gel on CoolSense metal surface  for disinfection target as well as preventing a frostbite dangerous. Being sold in separated invidual box.


SteriSense – Instructions for Use

The SteriSense is a special container made for the Disinfection liquid cleaner and disinfector used with the metal head of the E-CoolSense from CoolSense Medical Ltd. The company is not responsible for the durability of the container when used with other substances.

Warning – keep away from children and avoid eye contact when the container is filled with disinfector.


  • The container includes a base, a lid and a handle.
  • Inside the base are lines indicating the minimum and maximum levels of fluid to be filled.


  • Fill the container with the Disinfectio liquid up to the maximum line and not under the minimum line using a syringe to maintain a disinfector liquid.
  • Close the container properly with the lid.
  • Position the container’s handle in the center of the container and lock it in place by turning in slightly to the right until a light audible “click” is heard.
  • You may now combine one, two or three devices connected upside down to the three disinfector openings of the device.
  • When the level of disinfector fluid reaches the minimum line with continued use, you can add more disinfector fluid through the central opening by removing the handle with a half turn to the left.

For further questions or comments refer to the manufacturer’s site at or to your local distributer.