The water drops

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LIPSense – Lips Moisturizer to Keep Your Lips Moist After Surgery:

  • Safe use and keeps mouth free.
  • Controlled drips at.
  • Continuous patient independent.
  • Ease of use – standard set-up by nurse.

Main Value Proposition of LIPSense

  • Significant reduction of patient dryness discomfort.
  • Reduction of nursing efforts, clearing time for critical tasks.
  • Potential income for the hospital.

Patients Comments

“The device is very comfortable and decreases dryness.”
“Significant improvement compared to previous surgery.”
“The device completely prevented mouth dryness and was easy to use.”
Positive feedback from PACU nurses & General surgery ward nurses, followed by clinical research at a leading hospital.

  • Medical Device Class 1 – CE  Approved
  • Protected by patent registration in the US and Europe.

Post Anesthesia Market Size
234 million major surgical procedures are undertaken every year around the world.

Dry lips & mouth cause discomfort in 59 % of the patients during the first 24 hours of the postoperative period.

Current Treatment –  Random support by Staff & Family.

Result of general and regional anesthesia:

  • Preoperative fasting (over 6 hours).

  • No lip wetting reflex during anesthesia.
  • Decrease of peri-operative saliva production due to.
  • Use of volatile anesthetics (e.g. Sevoflurane, Isoflurane).
  • Use of different Opioids.
  • Use of anti-cholinergic drugs (e.g. Atropine, Scopolamine).
  • Incomplete fluid replacement.

Standard & Certifications