To keep your lips moist

during mechanical ventilation


Tubusense –Background and Advantages
An intubation or the insertion of a tube constitutes an invasive procedure performed by doctors with the aim to secure the unobstructed flow of air into and from the lungs. In the course of the procedure, a plastic tube (also known as a “tubus“ or “endotracheal tube“) is passed through the patient’s nose or mouth, into the windpipe and between the vocal cords. This way, it ensures the unobstructed flow of air. The size of the tube inserted differs from person to person, and there are regulations for adapting its size to the patient’s age and gender.
Intubation leaves post-operative patients helpless on their sickbed without being able to move freely while at the same time they are suffering from the frequent and unpleasant symptom of dry lips as they are forbidden to drink. This phenomenon becomes even worse for patients after surgery due to the physical inability to close the mouth.
The new development of Tubusense TS is aimed at making the lives of patients easier in regards to the extreme dryness of their lips as well as their dependence on the medical personnel or friends and family members to moisten their lips repeatedly whenever dryness reappears.
The Tubusense device is designed to be mounted onto the tube in a way that enables it to adjust to the tube’s changing diameter and adapt its position with regard to the lips of the patient so that it can safely slide along the outer edge of the standard tube that is in use .

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