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CoolSense Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of the M.D Medical Group. The Company is responsible for R&D processes and relies on outsourced manufacturing operations. CoolSense Medical has been marketing its innovative "Sense Family" all over the world since the beginning of 2009.

CoolSense Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of the M.D Medical Group, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

CoolSense Medical was responsible for the R&D that preceded the manufacture of the innovative hand-held CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator. CoolSense’s successfully implemented concept offers medical personnel, aestheticians and the general public a revolutionary but simple to operate instrument that eliminates the pain and discomfort of injection procedures. CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator received CE and FDA certification.

During the Medica 2014 show, the company launched the E-Coolsense – a new version with an electronic go/no go controlled temperature devise. As a complementary devise for the CoolSense system we offer the SteriSense, a hand-held disinfection hose designed triple-head container.

CoolSense Medical develops, produces and markets the Derma-Sense™, an exclusive triple-active Mesotherapy device.

This skin rehabilitation hand-held device helps redefine complexion, and prevents and treats lines, wrinkles, surgical and acne scars and many other skin imperfections.

The third product launched at the end of 2014 is the LipSense™, an innovative Lip Moisturizer to keep lips moist after surgery and significantly reduce patient dryness discomfort.

CoolSense Medical is in a state of advanced development with a Migraine pain relief device to be launched at the end of 2015.

CoolSense Medical’s Vision is to continue to develop and to be a pioneer in the field of pain-relief and life improvement devices.

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